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Application / Assignment #1

Hello, and welcome to assignment #1. This assignment is required for all community members (though few others will be), and is the application for anyone who wishes to join the Cleverly Named Writing Community.

If you are not a member of the community, but wish to join, please complete this assignment and e-mail it to the community moderators at cleverly.named at gmail.com. We will read it, and if we accept you, we'll invite you in and ask you to post it to the community at that time.

If you are already a member of the community, you have posting access and should post the assignment to the community as soon as you are ready. Please remember to lock your post and use an lj-cut. You may ask for critiques if you wish, but remember to leave only positive comments on entries that do not specifically ask for other feedback.

Okay, ready? Good.

Your first assigment is to introduce yourself. We're a community, and as such, we'd like to get to know everybody who's going to be slogging through grueling assignments sharing the joys of writing practice with us. Tell us:

1. Your name --we'd like to know your full name if possible. If not, at least something to recognize you by. Remember that this will be friendslocked so that only other ccommunity members will see it, and that community members agree not to abuse their knowledge.
2. Your experience with writing so far --when did you start? What have you tried (short stories, novels, screenplays, technical manuals, slash...)? Have you ever had anything published? For money? What do you love and hate about writing? What do you hope to get out of it? Why do you want to be in this community?
3. Some of your defining personal characteristics --a rough sketch of yourself including merits and flaws.
4. A (true) story about you --amuse us, make us cry, impress us with your knowledge of animal husbandry. Whatever you do, treat this as a story, not a dull treatise on the human condition, but something that people might actually be interested to hear. Give us a taste of what your voice is like.

The minimum required length is 500 words. Maximum is 3,000.

We look forward to getting acquainted with you.
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