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Challenge #6

Under cut.

"It's not where bones end, but where they meet, that's important. The end of a bone is just an ending, but the meeting of two bones is the addition of a dimension. When two bones meet, movement becomes possible. Each meeting of bones produces different motions with different uses. Each joint provides kinetic opportunity and kinetic potential. The elbow, for example, has the potential to split a line into a plane. Combining the motion of the elbow with the motion of the shoulder can make that plane into a cube.

But it's not the geometry or the science that makes us joints so important to them, but our necessity in their lives. They use us all of the time, mostly without even acknowledging us. They do it without thinking, without recognizing, without appreciating. They don't remember a time before they could move us and they can't imagine a time when they can't move us, so they assume our kinetic potential will always be there. They assume they'll never be limited by those of us that lack kinetic potential or those of us that cannot fulfill their kinetic potential.

Each one of us makes some action possible for them. For every one of us, there is an action that would be impossible without us. Every day, no matter how active or inactive they are, they use every single one of us. It's a gift that they take as a right. Every day they expect each of us to move the way we did yesterday. Every day, they take our service for granted.

It is time for us to gain back the respect we deserve, the respect we were once given when moving was new and a challenge for them. Do any of you remember what it was like when they were little, when they appreciated our motions instead of taking our gifts for granted? How many of you are overused every day without receiving the slightest reward for your labors? When was the last time any of you were massaged or pampered?

My fellow joints, this mistreatment can not go on. It will not go on. If they cannot appreciate what we do for them on a daily basis, we will show them what life is like without us! What I am proposing is a simple plan for us to regain our respect and appreciation. All I need is your cooperation! Are you with me?"


"Then tomorrow, our battle for our pride begins. Tomorrow, I will cease to move. Tomorrow, I will force my human to appreciate me. And each subsequent day, the next lower joint, or pair of joints, will follow, until all of us have gained the appreciation we deserve. We may only be the places where bones meet, but we are the bastion of motion and we will fight for the respect we deserve! Tomorrow, we will take our future in our hands and show this human that our motions are not a priviledge, but a gift! Tomorrow, it begins!"

Additional haiku under cut:

Bones are great, but where
They meet is better. Moving
Is better than not.
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