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Clank clank clank...

That clanking you hear is the rumbling of sleepy community machinery slowly regaining power after a long period of disuse. By which I mean to say, hello, writers, let's start this thing up again! I know it's been a long time and you've probably forgotten all about the Fabulous Prizes that might one day be yours, but I haven't. I have twelve shiny glow in the dark skeletons in my closet just waiting to be sent to deserving new homes!

So I'm thinking new year, new start. I want to revamp the way this community works a little and open it up to the kinds of writing everyone in it wants to do, but in order to better serve you as a whole, I need to know what sorts of things you are doing, or hope to be doing. In light of that, I give you (drum roll) ...

Assigment 7!

Please take as many words as you need to tell us you writing related goals and plans for the coming year. What are you working on? What do you hope to be working on? What would you most like out of your favorite writing community other than a glow in the dark skeleton? Remember to friendslock your entries. I'm leaving this assignment open for one week, so please respond by next Sunday (the 15th).
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