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The Long Awaited Much Anticipated NEW IDEAS POST! (jazz hands!)

After lots of thought and a long phone conversation about how weird it is that Princess Mia got naked in Brokeback Mountain (among other things), devrat and I have come up with a new way to run things around here. We tried to take everyone's feedback into account when we developed this system, and for now it isn't malleable. We've resolved to give it a good solid try before thinking about changing it more. So. What can you expect from Cleverly Named in 2006?

1) More prompts
2) Member Prompts (made up by people other than the mods)
3) Two Challenges per month (for physical prizes)
4) 3 Assignments per month (to accumulate points for internet prizes)
5) One week a month specifically for critiques.

This sounds like a lot of stuff. How are we planning to fit it all in? Glad you asked! We're going to have a four week rotation schedule. This week counts as week three of the first rotation. We sort of missed the first two weeks, but everyone who posted for Assignment 7 now has one Assignment point for the year. Here's the way the schedule will work:

Week One:
Challenge: (you may choose to do one or both, but you may only win one prize for the week)
--Monday Mod Prompt with responses due by Friday.
--Thursday Member Prompt with responses due by Monday.

Meet specific wordcount goal on your current project.

Week 2:
Assignment: (you may get credit for both assignments this week)
--Round Robin Story Week. Post to the story during the week to complete this assignment (We'll post a Round Robin Rules entry when we get to our first Round Robin Week).
--Meet specific wordcount goal on your own project.

Week 3:
Challenge: (do one or both, but win only one prize)
--Monday Mod Prompt with responses due by Friday
--Thursday Member Prompt with responses due by Monday

--Meet specific wordcount goal in your own project.

Week 4:
Critique Week:
--You may post one piece of writing up to 5,000 words in length and ask for critiques.
--You may critique as many pieces of writing as they choose.
--Those who post pieces for critique will assign point values (1, 2, or 3) to each critique depending on how detailed/helpful it was. A 1 would be for someone who simply posts once sentence, very little detail or effort involved, a 2 for a critique with a bit more detail, a 3 for a critique with three or more insightful comments (more than just, "I like this.") about the piece.
--Once you accumulate 12 Critique Points, you will be eligible for special Critique Prizes.

And that brings us back to Week One. Lather, rinse, repeat.

And some fine print: You may only win one Challenge per week. Though we're happy to see more than one post from you in a Challenge week, only the first Challenge post will be a prize winner. You may complete as many Assignments as there are offered in a given week, and each one you complete will give you one Assignment point.

Which leads to the next question: What are Assignment points for? For each five Assignments you complete, you will win an internet prize. This will be either a banner or an icon celebrating your 5th, tenth, twentieth or hundredth Assignment milestone. You can display it proudly in your journal or on your Cleverly Named posts, or, if you would like, on your wall at home (though we personally think you'd have to have a pretty small home to make an icon stand out on your wall). It's up to you.

What if you're so busy working on your own stuff that you never get a Challenge done? Well, good news, my friend! If you don't win any Challenges, but complete all three wordcount goal assignments in any given 4 week cycle, your three wordcount goals add up to one Challenge prize! This only works if you do not win another Challenge that month. You can only win up to 2 Challenge prizes in a month. It's not because we're stingy, it's just that prizes and postage cost money, and, well, we're stingy.

Now for the part where you get to have a say: Each Challenge prize will be small (like a random dollar store item or similar), but we'd like to know what you'd like to win. Do you have preferences? Will specific cheap prizes make you work harder to win? We were also thinking about letting you choose to accumulate Challenge points instead and turn them into bigger, but less frequent prizes (say 5 Challenge points gets you a five dollar iTunes download for instance?). Would that sort of thing interest you? And if so, what sorts of larger prizes would you like to see? Qwantz stickers? Homemade cookies? The possibilities are wide open. And then we have the Critique Points. We're not sure exactly how much they are worth yet, or what that will translate into, but we're open to suggestions. Speak up!

Lastly (I swear this is the last bit for this entry), If you'd be interested in posting a Member Prompt, please sign up in the comments to this entry. If you'd like to receive Challenge Prizes when you win, send your snail mail address to cleverly.named@gmail.com.

Whew, that was a lot of stuff. Next up will be the First Challenge post of 2006! Next Monday starts the First Critique Week, and Thursday the 2nd of February will be our very first Member Prompt day. If you're confused, Jenny's putting a neat calendar into the Community Info page that will have everything listed on it. And of course we'll tell you what's what on a week by week basis.

Question and comment away!
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