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¡Viva el δεμος! Member prompt #1!

I just remembered it's my job to put up a member prompt today. This is the first member prompt ever! Virgin ground! I am totally deflowering CN. From a member prompt perspective.

Anyway, the prompt. I'm really trying to make CN's first time a good one (do you like the candles?) but I'm as new to this as you are, baby.

The next time you're out in public, pick out a complete stranger, someone you have never interacted with directly. Based on absolutely nothing other than the immediate impression you get of the person, tell a story about them, in the first person.

According to the schedule, this will be due on Monday. And I do hope you enjoy it.
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Ooh, good one.
Candles, but no wine? We demand wine!

Yay for the first Member Prompt!
prophylactics? Anyways, yay! been awful busy lately. will try to write on Sunday.
Baby, I didn't want anything to come between us. (Anyway, everyone knows it's the writing community's job to take care of that sort of thing.)
Huh. I personally am finding my own prompt rather difficult, though I thought I had it sussed. And we're running out of Monday here. So I don't know if I'll even manage it.