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Round Robin Week (1) / Assignment 10

Okay, so, This week is our first Round Robin Story week. (You've still got until tomorrow night to get your responses to Martin's Member Prompt up, too --I'm extending the usual Monday night deadline by 24 hours, so hurry and write something!). Here's how it works:

*Someone begins the story. This week it'll be me, but it doesn't always have to be.
*After that anyone who sees the entry and wants to can add something to the story by posting a new entry (under a friends lock, but not under a cut).
*Your new addition should not be more than 500 words, and you can only write two non-consecuive posts a day in this story, but you can post every day of the week if you wish.
*On the last day (Sunday) every post must end at a suitable end of story stopping point. You may add onto someone else's stopping point, but you may not leave your excerpt as a cliffhanger. During the rest of the week cliffhangers are fine.
* On Monday Devrat or I will post the completed story in one entry under a cut.
*Participation in this will earn you one assignment point. You may get a total of two assignment points this week if you do this and Assignment 10.

Assignment 10: 100 words or more on five different days this week in any project or projects other than the Round Robin Story. If you completed Assignment 9 from last week (700 words on any project), please let us know in comments so we can keep track of your assignment points.
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